How to choose kitchen cabinet handles that can survive rough use


Cabinet Handles, Knobs Functionality and Style


Kitchen cabinet handles can enhance the look of your kitchen, regardless of whether it is brand new or being renovated. Knobs, pulls and handles are a part of the hardware family that can improve the room’s aesthetics. You have to take numerous factors into consideration when choosing the most suitable cabinet drawer handles for your kitchen.


Handle style

The style indicates the various shapes of the handles and knobs, which come in more shapes and styles than one can imagine. These hardware items fall into three basic categories:

  • Wire pull
  • Surface mounted
  • Mortise handles


You need to enquire with you hardware dealer about the various types of available handles that suit your needs.  


Keep in mind that the handles are in use all the time

When selecting cabinet kitchen handle style, bear in mind that the majority of items in your kitchen are supposed to be utilized. They are situated in the busiest part of your home. You need to be certain that you can clean them off once your work in the kitchen is done. If the design has too many indentations or grooves, they will become difficult to clean.

Additionally, certain materials will stain when exposed to water. Brass is a great material since it doesn’t stain from water exposure. Stainless steel is not aesthetically pleasing. However, it is easy to wash and is durable as well.  


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