Tips for choosing the perfect cabinet hardware for your home

When shopping for cabinet hardware, keep your kitchen’s (or bathroom's) design in mind. Are you opting for a traditional look or a modern look? Pick a finish for the fixtures that contrasts with the cabinet’s finish. This helps create a pleasant aesthetic in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home.


Check for holes

When choosing cabinet hardware for your bathroom or kitchen, first decide if the cabinets have pre-existing holes. If holes are present, ensure that the new cabinet hardware fits in them properly.

For instance, if the cabinets are drilled for pulls, you will have to measure the space between the drilled holes. The new pulls should match the existing conditions.

If single holes are punctured in the cabinets, you might have to utilize knobs as pulls typically need two screws and might not end up in the right location on your cabinet drawer or door.

The majority of cabinet pulls utilize a 3-inch screw hole distance. However, pulls come in various dimensions.

If the cabinets are new, there’s a likelihood that they don’t have pre-drilled holes. In this situation, you have a lot more options to work with.


Drawer and door size

When choosing cabinet pulls and knobs, you need to take into consideration the size of your drawers and doors to ensure that the cabinet hardware you select will fit.

The majority of cabinet hardware comes with an average size screw. The cabinet’s thickness must be measured to ensure the screws provided in the package will be suitable. If the screws are too short or long, individual screws can be purchased from a home improvement store.  

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