FGV Integra 110° Full Inset Soft Close Hinge

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FGV Integra clip-on, soft-close hinges


SlowMotion Inside

A hinge with a damper integrated into the arm, driving a controlled and silent movement. An advanced technology able to support strong and long-lasting application. High stability and constant performance under adverse closing conditions. A really accurate depth adjustment thanks to new spiral screw.


Modern design

Based on aesthetic and functionality combining design, the Integra hinge offers a practical use with a pleasant look. Moreover the soft door motion confers a further end-consumer appeal to the product.


Technology background

Despite the apparent simplicity of the product, Integra is a cost-efficient collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes all put together. The result is a real affordable product with an high background of technology and safety.


Available options:

    • With dowels


    Matching plates

    • These hinges fit with clip-on plates with CAM adjustment (here)