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Canmade is the one-stop shop for all your furniture hardware needs. Over the past 40 years we have worked hard to cultivate excellent relationships with our suppliers to provide you plenty of options and most importantly - savings.

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Did you know?

We specialize in importing and distributing functional and decorative hardware for kitchen, bath, office and ready-to-assemble furniture industries. 

We  cater to businesses by offering custom pricing and drop shipping.  We can also source hard to find parts or custom parts. If you have a large project give us a call!

Otherwise, have a look around. We have a large inventory and access to much more. If you can't find something specific give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

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Custom Services

You read that right, we offer custom services. We can custom make dovetail drawers and cabinet doors.

Check out our catalogue and contact us to find out more at 1-800-668-7636.

How to Select Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

There are many decisions to be made when building a home. Selecting the right cabinet is one of the critical decisions, but the job does not end there. You also need the right cabinet pull to open those beautiful cabinets!

Knobs and pulls are not just for decoration. Kitchens can be messy, so you will want to avoid sticky messes on cabinet surfaces. You won't want to transfer oils on your fingers to the cabinet surface. The right cabinet knobs or pulls to ensure that any mess transferred is easily cleaned away.

If you have a frameless or full-overlay cabinet, the fingers on your hands are too small to operate the doors and drawers since the cabinet itself does not contain a handle.

If you are unsure of what type of knobs or pulls you should choose for your cabinets, please read on. Here's a guide on how to select cabinet hardware.We'll discuss knobs versus pulls, how to choose the right hardware for your home, and whether or not mixing hardware is a good idea.

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What Is Cabinet Hardware?

Cabinet hardware includes all the knobs and pulls on your cabinets, as well as the hinges that hold them open. Cabinet hardware is the equipment that helps you open your cabinets and drawers.

Hardware can be divided into knobs and pulls. Knobs are small and are often used on cabinet door handles. Pulls, on the other hand, are generally used on drawers. Either can be used on both drawers and cabinets...

There is no rule against this.

How To Choose Hardware Style

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware reflects the style of your cabinet doors and the overall design of your home. The hardware style you choose will depend upon the design of your cabinet doors and your house's overall design and fashion.

Ornate knobs and pulls look great either in traditional or contemporary homes. If your home is transitional, choose reliable, straightforward designs. For rustic homes, choose rustic knobs and pulls. There are many options! There are so many different designs and finishes that can enhance the look of your kitchen. But how do you choose?

If you are remodeling or building a new kitchen, keep in mind that choosing the furniture and cabinet hardware comes last. After you have selected all the other materials, use these tips to inspire your choice of cabinet hardware. Here are some options for cabinet hardware that you might want to consider.

Decide Whether To Install A Knob Or A Pull

As a rule of thumb, knobs are a better option for cabinet doors and drawers, while pulls are more convenient for bigger ones, such as walk-in pantries and trash pull-outs.

Opening a drawer with a pull offers a far better experience since it can be grabbed with the entire hand instead of just the fingers. This is incredibly convenient because drawers can get very heavy with pots and pans, dishes, etc.

Instead of mixing and matching, you can also select only knobs or only pulls. The use knobs is prevalent in older kitchens, from the days when hardware was not so varied. Using pulls is a more contemporary style, but also evident in some older kitchens with non-traditional hardware.

When selecting pulls, take into account how they will be installed. Choose horizontal pulls for drawers and vertical ones for doors. If you choose a vertical pull, make sure it is not too heavy, as this adds weight to a cabinet door.

Choosing The Right Finish

Most homeowners choose chrome or brushed nickel finishes, but there are various other finishes available that will add interest to your kitchen. Oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, and rust complement brushed nickel or brushed stainless faucets.

Chrome faucets often go well with white or black, dark bronze, pewter, or clear glass. Try just the knob or pull out before you spend on the rest of the hardware for your kitchen.

Feel it, put your fingers in or on it, and see how it works for you. Does it feel comfortable, or are some fingers pinching at the edges? At least four fingers should fit comfortably.

How do the edges and ridges feel to your fingers when you grasp the knob or pull? It can be frustrating to use the wrong hardware when you use your cabinets and drawers a thousand times a day.

Many companies, including CANMADE HARDWARE, offer a free sample program where they will send you the knob or pull you are looking for. There is no need to worry about costs. The additional research will be well worth the extra effort.


Cost is an important deciding factor when choosing cabinet handles. You get what you pay for! Sure, there exist numerous providers of cheap cabinet handles, but the finish they have is generally sub-par and looks inexpensive.

While this is true, it's still a good idea to begin your search for cabinet hardware with trusted cabinet suppliers rather than big-box stores. This will save you both money and time as well as preserve your budget.

Cabinet knob prices are usually determined by the quality of the knob and the design. Stainless steel and bronze are at the top of the list for the most commonly used materials. Long handles can be quite expensive due to the greater volume of material required.

In addition to price, one of the essential factors in choosing the best cabinet handles in the area is our ability to serve you with high-quality cabinet handles backed by long-term guarantees.

Contact us if you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable cabinet hardware supplier. CANMADE HARDWARE offers 100% high-quality cabinet and drawer pulls at affordable prices.

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